Rock: Ancient tumblr Fossils

I’m quite aware that I still have this account, I just got busy with other things, namely working with the Married Gamers, and neglected my blog. I’m alive! In the mean time I wanted to showcase the evolution of geeks everywhere. 

Evolution of Geek

Paper: New news

A lot has been going on lately. Lauren and I both got picked up by the Married Gamers to write for their website. Awesome! I’m proud of Lauren for giving gaming a shot. I thought once we got married my Xbox would be staying in the closet. 

I’m still looking for a steady job. Teaching jobs are far and few until school begins. Grrrrr….. I might be getting a long term sub job though teaching 7th grade algebra for a lady who is going on maternity leave. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Inception is an awesome movie. Enough said. 

Spock: The Last Airbender

  With Avatar: The Last Airbender coming out this past week you probably have seen a lot of nerd rage on the internet about how “terrible” the movie is, or how it does “injustice to the television franchise”. I myself never saw the television series before going to see the film and so I was cautious about my initial reactions to the film and the hype surrounding it. What was apparent to me though was that people were really excited to see Aang (Eng?) and his journey. 

My wife, Lauren, and I were invited by a few of our friends to go to the midnight showing of the movie. We were hoping that the movie would fill us newbies in on what was going on because we had no clue what the story was about. As we were waiting in line we heard people talking about how it had received abysmal reviews and was a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Overall the movie wasn’t that bad of a film. Again, never seeing the tv show I had nothing to base my reaction on. To keep this review from becoming a scathing opinion piece I will highlight the good things about it first. My wife thought the best part was that they got Dev Patel to play Zuko (Zukko?), I on the other hand liked how the special effects were used in a sensible, and not over-the-top fashion. I really believed that the elements being controlled were real in the movie and not tacky CG effects. I also enjoyed that Aasif Mandvi was in the film. If you ever saw Spiderman 2 you recognize him as being Peter Parker’s boss at Joe’s pizza. Ironic that he worked in a pizza place baking pizza and is able to use fire in this film. 

The major gripe I had with the movie is that whenever the camera panned across the screen I felt like I was going to vomit. The editing was poorly done and there were several gaps in the storyline. The biggest FAIL I noticed was when Aang was fighting with the Fire Nation soldiers and retreated into a sparring circle, only to be shown running across wooden pegs seconds later. How did he get to these pegs when we just saw him in the circle kicking butt? My wife and I looked at each other during the movie and both gave each other the WTF look. Another thing that my wife and I would have appreciated more would have been more backstory such as how Aang got stuck in the ice, why he ran away from home, and more about the past Avatars. 

I would definitely see this movie again, just not in theaters. I give it a 6 out of 10.

LAME JOKE: What do fire-benders like with their soup?    FireCRACKERS! 

Scissors: How to be a deadly force at rochambeau

Just imagine all the shotgun seats and last beers that would be yours if you won every game of rochambeau. Impossible? Not according to Graham Walker, coauthor of The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide.

1. Play paper first. Rookies tend to lead with rock, so paper is the safest opener. (A savvy opponent will try the same, causing a tie.) If you win, claim victory; if not, start the next throw right away, because of course it’s two out of three.

2. Exploit copycats. Casual players often switch to the object that just beat them. You can encourage them to do this by shouting, “Paper wins!” when you defeat their rock. Then throw scissors on the next round.

3. Watch for doubles. People rarely throw the same hand three times in a row; if they play scissors twice, your next move is paper. Also, keep up the pace so they have less time to think and instead fall into patterns.

Big Bang Blog

   I’ve decided to start a new blog. I’ve named it “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” both because I’m a nerd and because I want to categorize my posts in a fun way.

Rock: Music


Scissors: Fun activities and interesting things that I have been doing lately

Lizard: Things that ruffle my scales the wrong way AKA airing of the grievances

Spock: SciFi news!!